1.41 White Flowers Eau Fraiche

SKU: 1.41 White Flowers Eau Fraiche

White Flowers eau fraiche for body and soul is the essence of passion captured in a bed of wild blossoms. Sprinkled with narcotic petals, this fragrance lingers in dreamy memories.

This vibrational perfume resonates with the 4th Chakra. Self-love, open heart and generous spirit.

  • Perfumer: Rodrigo Flores, Givaudan.
  • Freesia, night blooming jasmine, wild gardenia and carefree passion.
  • Dimensions 2.5" l x 1.4" w x 4.3" h
  • Weight 1 lb

The Eau Fraiche collection are remastered classics from YOSH Luxury Elements eau de parfum. All scents have been re-engineered to match the tastes and styles of the modern fragrance lover. New concentrations offer voluminous translucence yet intimate and radiant aura. Think of it like a remix of a song with a new DJ and modern beats over-layed on top. We invited celebrity perfumer Rodrigo Flores from Givaudan to modernize the fragrances originally created by YOSH. We love this stylized collaboration!

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Designer: YOSH
Product Type: Sprays & Scents
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