8.88 Omnistar Eau Fraiche

SKU: 888 Omnistar Eau Fraiche

Omnistar eau fraiche for body and soul. This modern aura spray is for those who are drawn to glamorous femme fatales and dashing bon vivants. While inspired by classic archetypes, this omnisex fragrance transcends the physical, takes you into the future, and radiates a golden aura. This vibrational perfume resonates with angel number 888. Triple infinity and super lucky. Wear this fragrance to amplify your abundance.

  • Perfumer: Rodrigo Flores, Givaudan.
  • Sheer amber, galactic musk and etheric minerals.
  • Dimensions 2.5" l x 1.5" w x 4.3" h
  • Weight 1 lb

The Eau Fraiche collection are remastered classics from YOSH Luxury Elements eau de parfum. All scents have been re-engineered to match the tastes and styles of the modern fragrance lover. New concentrations offer voluminous translucence yet intimate and radiant aura. Think of it like a remix of a song with a new DJ and modern beats over-layed on top. We invited celebrity perfumer Rodrigo Flores from Givaudan to modernize the fragrances originally created by YOSH. We love this stylized collaboration!

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Designer: YOSH
Product Type: Sprays & Scents
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