Gentle Toner Balance Mist by Soul Sunday


balance troubled, sensitive skin. made with witch hazel, clary sage, aloe, and geranium. mist skin after cleansing and before moisturizing. now available in TSA friendly travel size.

  • natural + vegan. hand-blended in USA.
  • 2 oz glass bottle with atomizer


clary sage essential oil, known to help reduce inflammation in skin, calming rashes and redness caused by acne. clary sage also helps create a natural balance in skin, regulating both oil production and dryness

geranium essential oil promotes healthy skin cells, helps fade scars + spots cause by acne, and is beneficial to skin prone to eczema and dermatitis. geranium also smells quite lovely and feminine.

witch hazel is a natural and mild astringent used to treat skin inflammation and acne.

aloe, which quickly soothes and hydrates skin.

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about soul sunday.

after working together in photography and film, kara kochalko and shea hardiman switched gears and traveled together for a few months. the inspiration from these travels led to soul sunday. with roots in art, yoga and wellness, they started a collective to foster new creative endeavors & collaborations. through natural ingredients and whimsical formulas, shea and kara formed their aromatherapy and natural skincare line as a way to reconnect with some of their favorite travel memories and encourage meaningful self care rituals.  named after their weekend brunches, soul sunday embodies the time your soul is most free.

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Designer: Soul Sunday
Product Type: Sprays & Scents
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