Pure Linen Large Napkin in Various Colors design by Teroforma

SKU: L-PL003-020

20" W x 20" L | Sold Individually
Oversized napkin with plain stitch hem suitable for more formal occasions. 100% European long-fiber flax linen presented in a super high-density weave and in a range of non-dioxin dyes. Prepared to the standards of the European Masters of Linen guild. Made solely of highest quality, European long fiber flax, our Pure Linen is densely woven to the standards of the European Masters of Linen guild by Linas in Lithuania. Our linens are mechanically conditioned, avoiding the unnecessary use of harmful chemicals. As with all linen, retains its strength while softening with regular use.


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    Designer: Teroforma
    Product Type: Napkins
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