Risotto - Cheese & Basil

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Surprise your guests with this irresistible risotto with cheese and basil. In just under 15 minutes, you will have the most delicious and creamy risotto – and there is enough for 6 starters or 4 mains. The only thing you have to do is add a bit of olive oil, cream and parmesan cheese.

4.7 ", 3.9 ", 4.3 "

Content: Carnaroli Rice, dried sheep's milk cheese (sheep's milk, salt, lamb's rennet), dried vegetable mix (salt, onion, carrot, brown sugar, tomato, chives, parsley, turmeric), dried basil (basil, salt, sugar), dried Emmentaler cheese (Emmentaler cheese (milk) salt, sodium phosphate,) dried Mozzarella cheese (cow milk, salt, citric acid), dried anion, salt, spices. CONTAINS MILK. MAY CONTAIN WHEAT

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Designer: Nicolas Vahe
Product Type: Eats
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